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This is the best question, because unfortunately many people are not aware of it. Simplified explanation: RESOURCE and the harmony of well-written code and website, based on this you have to decide what you need, which can be shared web hosting, VPS or dedicated server. If you have an introduction page that only consists of 5-10 pages, then shared web hosting is more than enough for you. If you have an online store, a VPS server is recommended for the many processes running in parallel, e.g. due to import processing. If you have a high-traffic website, e.g. newspaper over 50-100 e per day, then a dedicated server resource is definitely enough for the service. You should know that a well-written and optimized web store also runs properly on a shared hosting. The practice is that there is no such thing. Almost everyone uses wordpress and other cms systems, the only problem with that is that the add-ons, template, letters, images, etc. all slow down the website. That is why we offer a special solution for WP websites. Unfortunately, it is not possible to describe and explain everything here. Please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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