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Shared and dedicated VPS are the right choice for those who cannot choose between the two extremes. You started with the shared web hosting, but if there are no longer enough resources because of 1,000 visitors, the page slows down and the automatic import further slows down the operation of the website. A dedicated server and its maintenance would be expensive and require too many resources, so it is unnecessary. If you are familiar with yourself and your website, we offer the right service for your website! Available with VPS, shared and dedicated processor.

Choose the VPS that suits your needs, if you don't know, we'll be happy to help

Practical availability of VPS servers is 99.99% higher, guaranteed 99.9%

There are no hidden, extra fees, separate fees, fixed prices for as long as you rent the vps!

vps rental prices

shared cpu (dedicated cpu vps currently not available)

Automatic immediate activation in case of online payment. Scalable VPS systems with high availability.


Our servers are the fastest available
technologies are used

strictly safe
data centers

Military installation
level protection

Ddos protection
for your website

About protecting networks
Hardware ddos protection
takes care of

data traffic

No data traffic

host PAPI web hosting solutions for grandchildren too

Optional server data centers

Choose the data center closest to your target market
due to the smallest delay

  • Speed up your website

  • 0-24 email support

  • Scalable servers

  • Fast, secure servers

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