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The web hosting, VPS set up for wordpress works much better, because all the necessary plugins are installed and the resources are set accordingly. We offer two solutions: 1, on shared storage it can be installed easily, we recommend this, for example, for a company website that does not have a lot of traffic or load 2, separately on a VPS server, this for online stores, woocommerce automatic import where a larger load needs to be solved. The wordpress hosting prices are a shared web hosting and the VPS, cloud hosting you can find it in the menu. The prices do not differ because you are running a wordpress cms system. Dedicated server you don't need a wordpress site to run it.

Choose a web host that suits your needs, if you don't know, we'll be happy to help

Practical availability of servers 99.99% higher, guaranteed 99.9%

There are no hidden, extra fees, separate fees, fixed prices for as long as you rent the web hosting!


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