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We often hear that our passion is our hobby, our profession is therefore good at it :) Well, it's not just marketing text for us (although a strong member of our portfolio is the Hungarian and International online marketing agency https://seohun.hu and https://ww.marketing) this is really a passion.... Neither IT nor marketing was my profession when I started, neither was taught at university or college. I am a foreign trader, in which I have almost never worked. Regardless, I believe that I have been working successfully in both areas for 18 years now. I've been an entrepreneur all my life and I didn't want to be anything else, of course it didn't always bring success, I failed quite a few times, but I always started again with a new idea and new hope. Well, here we are today in 2023, when in 2005 I founded a company for domain and web hosting services, which was very successful, then in 2018 I sold my domain and web hosting portfolio to one of the largest domestic service providers, which contained 15,000 hosting spaces and 10,000 domains. I didn't think about starting over for a long time, but becoming a dad changed that. The statistics are 2 wives and 4 children, of course not at the same time :) But that's enough for now :) If you're interested in the whole story, invite me for a chat and I'll tell you :)) Become a member of our family, switch to PAPI web hosting service!

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